Vastu for Stairs- Points to Consider When Constructing Stairs

Stairs play a major role in a building, and are a topic of great significance and sensitivity in vaastu science. Energies filled with the forces of life climb the stairs of a house and make their way throughout its internal structure.


Here are some points to consider when constructing stairs are as follows:

Direction and Placement: The staircase should always head towards a clockwise direction, as anticlockwise stairs bring in bad energies. It signifies that the time circle of the inmates is going in a reverse action. The best location for stairs is in the south, southwest and northwest sections of a house. Do not place stairs in the northern portion of a building.

Number of Steps: The number of steps in a staircase should be always odd, i.e. numbers like 5, 9, 11, 15, 21 and so on.

No Picture On Stairs: Do not hang any pictures of gods or goddesses at the start, middle or end of the staircase. Also, do not hang pictures of any human being (family or friends) under the stairs. (Why in the case of the latter?) For hanging the pictures of god this is not an auspicious place, because it has different levels, and all the levels are occupied by the feet and steps of human beings. Other wise there is a simple logic gods should not be place here and there, they should have a respectable place . The stair hall is not a  stable area so human being pictures are also not viable here.

No Spiral Staircase: Spiral staircases are not auspicious and should be avoided. (Why?) Spiral staircase encircle the building and bind it with the un-auspicous energies. This is not advisable.

Door with stairs: Providing a door at the head of a staircase is considered propitious.

Avoid constructing stairs in front of the main gate of a house or building. (Why?) Stairs just in front of the main gate signifies that the good luck and energy climbs to the stairs and do not circulate in the lower structure. The best circulation of energy is made in a zigzag form. This opening one opening and one closing.

Under the Stairs:

  • Do not build a toilet or sitting area under the stairs. This is considered to be very unlucky. You can, however, create a storage space here.
  • Do not make a kitchen under the stairs. The prosperity of the house is stagnated and burdened.
  • Do not ever make a puja place or a meditation space under the stairs, it has regular burdens running on it., or call us at 9555666667, 9873333108, 9711115099 mail id watch Enlightened Life Guru Dr. Puneet Chawla videos on Vastu and Spirituality on youtube (

Vastu Tips – Mirror Placement

Mirros are only best suited on north walls.
Mirros are only best suited on east walls.


Mirros are only best suited on northeast walls.
Mirros are only best suited on northwest walls.

Putting a mirror in front of dining table enhances wealth and prosperity.

Putting a mirror in the cash locker and safe increases chances of  money.  It increases sale in the showrooms.

If in any direction you want to give an opening effect one can put mirror on it. Suppose north is not having a window, so we can provide a big mirror so that north can enhanced.

In the case of faulty stairs towards the northeastern sides of the structure , we can provide mirror on the north and east walls to give a lighting effect., or call us at 9555666667, 9873333108, 9711115099 mail id watch Enlightened Life Guru Dr. Puneet Chawla videos on Vastu and Spirituality on youtube (

Vastu Defect that Cause Miscarriages | Tips Suggest By Enlightened Life & Vastu Guru Dr. Chawla

sometimes Vastu Shastra may also contribute to help in Getting Pregnant. It is not the only support from Vastu but also it lays guidelines for getting proper pregnancy & to avoid the miscarriages. There may be reasons under vastu cures against miscarriage, but there are few things related with the Directions for Getting pregnant, directions for pregnancy, directions for stable pregnancy and of course directions for delivery room.


North east toilet cause of surgeries and miscarriages so never made you toilet in north east direction.

when you sleeping you forget and take your head toward north that also the major issue for miscarriages. every time place your head on south direction that helpful for your baby.

Cord crystal you can use for prevent miscarriages, and also can place bal gopal yantra on your temple.

colour south wall with red colour and never be came bim on your head when you sleeping, and place good pictures like nature, sun rising images that will helpful.

your bed must be aligned with south wall and in bed not be a pickle , knifes and office files. and must be your bed made of wood not a still or iron.

Dr. Puneet Chawla is a Life Guru, guiding and mentoring the followers to solve their life problems and make a easy living. He corrects the reasons of troublesome life by way of Vastu, Mantra and Tantra Mandalas. Being an intuitive personality he senses the negative energies, the reasons of problems and rarely predicts the life decisions too. He is a Shiv and Shakti Sadhak and guides people through Shivpath.

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Vastu Pictures for Home | Vastu Pictures | Dr. Puneet Chawla | Vastu Video

Vastu pictures for home is the best thing one can do to improve the good vastu shastra. Dr. Puneet Chawla Vaastu Shastra Expert says vastu pictures play a good role in removing vastu defects in the house. Vastu dosh or vastu defects create bad and problematic life. Vastu remedies or vastu upay play a secondary role in creating good vastu. Vaastu flats or vaastu homes brings happiness. Dr. Puneet chawla says one should display the pictures of role models in front of them. Dr. Chawla says good pictures bring good and positive energies.

South direction in vaasthu should be decorated with big building for good business. Many obstacles are removed by the vastu remedies done in southern direction. Factory problems are also removed.

He says all delayed work is completed like school admissions, marriage, business start up, payments realization is done if we place a big mountain picture in the south-west. For a good intimate relationship put a couple picture on the south west direction.

Dr. Puneet chawla has a 25 year experience in giving vastu consultations. He can sense negative and positive energies in a building structure and human beings. He us a highly intuitive personality. He suggests vaastu remedies with any demolition. He gives vastu remedies in scientific and logical forms. He does not require any sort of antennas or instruments to scan the negative energies as he says no instrument can give information about the negative energies. He is a consultant to me many people now who at a time didn’t believed in vaastu shastra. He is considered an authority on vastu. Trusted by lacs of Clients, he has his followers in many lacs. His continuous research in vastu and energies had given a success in taking out remedies in geopathic stress which causes cancer and tumor problems.

He has written several books on vaastu and allied subjects.



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How door brings happiness is another episode of Dr. Puneet Chawla’s vastu se ghar sansar web series video. Here he is mentioning the importance of Main door in vaastu. Vastu Shstra is an ancient famous study of life style and living. Vastu for home and vastu for door has a good relation. Here Dr. Chawla says where ever we go, the main door is the first thing which we hit. How it looks and appear is a big concern, so this video gives vastu tips regarding the main door. Some people are fearing from the south enterance and think that it is a big vastu defect. Vastu tips for home is the one thing which every body looks but according to Dr. Puneet Chawla vastu shastra for home is quite detailed and scientific. So he always suggest the scientific vastu. Vastu colors also play a big role in deciding the power of main door. Main door vastu dosh is the one thing every body fears, and tries to find vastu dosh remedies. But Dr. Chawla says vastu dosh nivaran is in our own hands. Generally people think of vastu door entrance direction and not to power the main door. Vastu door opening direction is not the main thing to see, how we manage the vastu direction matters.

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