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New year vastu tips contain calendar vastu by Dr. Puneet Chawla ( vastu expert ). Vastu dosha or vastu defects is not the only thing to see, the ongoing live vaastu is also a major thing to see and analyze. Vastu for home and Vastu for office requires lively vastu tips. Vastu remedies or vastu upay is a must for new flat vastu. Vastu shastra is an important subject. Normally people are confused where to put calendar. North South East West which is a good direction. Dr. Chawla focuses on vanishing negative energies so he suggests removing of old calendars. Not to put god pictures and images on calendars! He says putting intimacy pictures on calendars is also not advisable. These can be in the bedroom and the Bedroom Vastu ca be corrected! Calendars to be put north or east direction only

Dr. Puneet Chawla is a world #1 Vastu Consultants with 22 years of experience in Vastu Shastra.

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5 Best Plants To Have In The Home

When we plant a seed in our house garden, we plant a hope, a hope that one day it would grow big and healthy and would reap fruits for us. In other words, we expect it to bring prosperity, luck and kindness within the household. Plants are believed to energize the surrounding with their presence and hence they play a pivotal role in determining our success and prosperity, apart from simply adding to the aesthetic beauty within the interiors of the house. However, while choosing plants for one’s home it is highly important to make the right choice as there are many plants which emit harmful gases, not suitable for human inhalation. Hence, it is very essential to choose the plants with great care so that they emit positivity and well being for the inmates of the house. Their direction should be proper too in order to make them fruitful.


Here is a list of five best plants which one should have in the home:

1. Tulsi- Another name of this plant is Basil. It is considered to be highly auspicious as per Hindu mythology and hence is found in every Hindu household as it is believed to bring prosperity for the inmates. This plant is even used as an essential herb in medicines and cures various diseases. It even helps in purifying the blood and improving the digestive system. Vastu says this plant should be placed in the north-east, north or the eastern part f the house. However, is a house carries some Vastu-dosh, the growth of this plant gets restricted.

2. Creepers- Vastu says creepers should be grown in the garden independently, without taking the help of the walls. The only creeper which can be grown within the house is the money plant, even in the bedroom.

3. Thorny plants- The only thorny plant which can be grown within any household is the rose plants, otherwise thorny plants are strictly prohibited within a residential plot as they bring in a lot negative energy and even bring bad luck for the inmates of the house.

4. Bamboo plant- I is believed that the bamboo plant brings in good luck and even protects the residents from evil powers. Even in the office, stalks of bamboo can be placed as they bring in good luck. The healthier the bamboo plant isthe more prosperous will the inmates be.

5. Vastu Shastra suggests growing of lemon, lotus and jasmine as they are considered to be very lucky.

Vastu For Home

Vastu is a science which follows a grid of directions and is practised in every corner of the world. However, how a country fares in terms of Vastu is different from another. India, for instance, is quite inappropriate in terms of Vastu and it is believed that the prevailing poverty of this country is due to its Vastu in compliance. Vastu experts believe that a drastic change can be brought about to the entire country if Vastu for home and office buildings is followed strictly.

Here are some miscellaneous Vastu tips for home:

Vastu lays down guidelines for every room and direction. It even stresses on how our lifestyle should be in order to make it harmonious, peaceful and happy. Some common Vastu points which should be kept in mind while doing up the Vastu for home have been mentioned herein.

  • Three doors on one wall are a bad Vastu idea, especially if they face the main door as this makes the house exposed to too much of road’s energy
  • Rooms on the south should not have low ceilings
  • Pillars and beams in the house should always be in even numbers. However, one does not need to demolish the house in case the number turns out to be odd, the best and most Vastu-friendly solution is to create false ceilings and pillars accordingly
  • Sleeping or working under exposed beams bring ill fortune
  • Avoid circular staircases. Also, the number of steps in a stairway should always be odd and they should rise from east to west or from the north to south.
  • Steps on the east and north sides should not touch the wall of the building. This can be achieved by making sure the steps are on the south and west sides.
  • Windows are recommended for the northwest sector of the plot or grid. This is because this grid is ruled by the God of wind, Vayudev. If the northwest wind is allowed easy accessibility into the building, it is regarded as a sign of good fortune. This, however, was quite common in traditional freestanding houses with a central courtyard open to the sky in previous times.
  • Rooftops should slant from west to east and from south to north.
  • The evil eye is believed to be warded off by stringing together seven green chillies and a lime on a thread and hanging the concoction on the main door frame where everybody can see it.

India is a growing economy on the global world map and Vastu perfections would only make its position bigger, better and more prosperous. However, to achieve so and to make a niche for itself in today’s challenging scenario, it has to be collectively accepted and followed by people of every section of society residing here in this country. This will take it to a different level of success and prosperity.