Best time.. Muhuratham

Time is immortal. It never remains the same for any individual. However, a favourable time is ascertained keeping in mind the movements of the stars and planets. An auspicious time selected to perform an important event or action in one’s life is what we know as Muhurtham.
If we look at Muhurtham as a whole, it is a unit of measurement of time in Hinduism as per the Hindu calendar. A muhurtham is equivalent to 2 Ghadiyas or over a span of 48 minutes approximately.

As per the Manu Samhita:

• 18 Nimesha (twinkling of the eye) = 1 kashtha

• 30 kashtha =1 kala

• 30 kalas= 1 Muhurtham

We all wish to begin and end important moments and decisions of our life during a favourable time frame, be it marriage, celebration of the birth of a child, inauguration of a new property and many such events. If these events are begun during an auspicious time frame (Shubh Muhurtham), it surely would be completed peacefully and even the after affect of it would e favourable, for the people involved, in the long run.


Cultural importance:

Hinduism has a very vast domain and it rests a lot on beliefs and cultures. There are certain times which are considered very lucky and auspicious for a particular activity. One such example is narrated in Ayurveda, ‘Ashtami Vyadhi Nashini’ which refers to the 8th day of a lunar month and the belief goes that medicine taken on this day cures an illness very fast. The logic behind this is that the distance between the earth and the moon is the greatest on this day of the month because of which the liquid medicine remains stable in the stomach thereby bringing about faster and batter results.

How Muhurtham helps us:

• harmonises our forces with nature

• improves chances of success

Factors taken into account while choosing an appropriate Muhurtham:

While choosing the correct and most appropriate Muhurtham for any particular activity, five elements need to be chosen and well synchronised with each other.

• Vara (weekday)

• Tithi (lunar day)

• Nakshatra (asteerism)

• Yoga

• Karana

Planetary positions determine the above factors and the explicitly listed in the Panchanga or Ephemeris. However, while choosing a propitious moment or Muhurtham, make sure the Ascendant and the Moon are strong which in turn is determined by the time selected as per the horoscope of the individual.

Scientific reason:

We have many forces around us which govern our everyday living, one of them being the gravitational force between the planets of the solar system, which affects both living and non-living things on earth. Likewise the high and low tides in the ocean are caused due to the presence of the gravitational force between the moon and the earth. Being a perfect combination of planets in the sky this Muhurtham makes for an excellent choice for human beings to conduct any activity. Likewise, there is a close relationship between astrology and time. The radiation affects of the planetary motions, including the sun and the moon, on all terrestrial phenomenon presents a testimony to the intelligence and accomplishments of a generation. The sun’s rays affects the biological activity while the moon’s rays impacts the psychological actions of an individual. It is believed that seasonal changes and solar radiation even impact agricultural activities like planting, cultivating, growth, maturity and harvest.

Brahma Muhurtham:

This time frame is determined as the Sun god spreading his rays of light and energy throughout the globe just like a peacock spreading its feathers. The light rays coming from the galaxies in the form of sun’s rays is believed to influence the human brain, emitting light blue divine positive vibrations which brings the cells and the brain to life. According to Hindu mythology, the Sun God is also the god of life. Hence, the importance of the Brahma Muhurtham lies in the fact that if a man is able to synchronise his senses with these divine rays during this period/hour, he would be empowered with unchallengeable energy.
Power of penance during the Brahma Muhurtham:
• energy comes out in the form of high powered electrical and magnetic charge

• this energy helps in the upliftment of living creatures on earth

• penance during the brahma muhurtham can benefit those who keep awake during this time tremendously

• the light rays coming out during this period greatly and positively affect the human brain

• these rays are light blue in colour which in turn activate the brain cells.

• meditation and penance during this time helps in the powerful awakening and spreading of the electrical and magnetic charges.

• it calms the brain and helps one to get solutions to all his problems.

• it generates ideal working conditions for the individual, with more energy and zeal Veeravayu

It has been scientifically proven that at night, the atmosphere gets re-charged while by morning the wind gets charged with the beneficial rays of the moon and the stars. This charged-up wind is known as ‘Veeravayu.’ It is highly beneficial to us as our minds get sharpened and the body gets refilled with new life force.


Vastu For Car Parking

Whenever we purchase or rent out a house, one of the primary requirements is car parking. If the car parking area does not comply to Vastu principles, it can create regular problems with your vehicle like thefts, breakdown and even high costs in maintaining the vehicle.


Here are a few advantages of selecting the right direction for the parking of your car:

• It ensures safety and smooth running of your car

• Right parking zone leads to low maintenance cost of the vehicle.

• Using such a Vastu-friendly zone for vehicle parking would secure life and luck for you and your family
Selecting the right parking area for your vehicle:

• The north-west direction is the best for parking of vehicle, the second best option being the south east of the plot.

• The advantage of parking the car in the north-west is that this would involve a lot of business-related travelling, thereby leading to your success and well being in the long run and the car would remain in the parking area for only short periods of time

• Parking in the north-east is not recommended at all as this direction is for the heavenly forces which should not be obstructed

• Unexpected issues with the car occur of the parking is done in the east or south-east zone like clashes with the neighbour relating to parking issues and so on

• Unusual breakdowns and high maintenance costs are incurred if the parking is done in the west or north-west zone.

• South east being the zone of fire, if the car is sparked here, it would lead to accident s and unusual mishaps. Also, you must avoid parking your car in this direction if your car happens to be in hues of blue, silver blue or black or else get the car parking area coloured in shades of green.

• Car theft is also a common feature of the car is parked in the wrong direction i.e. south or south west which is the zone of wastage and expenditure.

• Your vehicle may face fire hazards if the parking area faces the south or the west side.

• The parking gate should be in the north or east direction while its height should be less than that of the main gate.

• If the garage happens to be in the basement, it should be in the north or the east section.

• The slope in the parking area should be towards the north or the east.

• To ensure easy flow of energy and easy accessibility to the vehicle, there should be a minimum space of 2 t 3 feet around the parking area.

• The parking area should not touch the wall of the compound

• The parking area should be preferably coloured in white or any other bright shade.