How door can bring happiness | Dr. Puneet Chawla | Vastu video

How door brings happiness is another episode of Dr. Puneet Chawla’s vastu se ghar sansar web series video. Here he is mentioning the importance of Main door in vaastu. Vastu Shstra is an ancient famous study of life style and living. Vastu for home and vastu for door has a good relation. Here Dr. Chawla says where ever we go, the main door is the first thing which we hit. How it looks and appear is a big concern, so this video gives vastu tips regarding the main door. Some people are fearing from the south enterance and think that it is a big vastu defect. Vastu tips for home is the one thing which every body looks but according to Dr. Puneet Chawla vastu shastra for home is quite detailed and scientific. So he always suggest the scientific vastu. Vastu colors also play a big role in deciding the power of main door. Main door vastu dosh is the one thing every body fears, and tries to find vastu dosh remedies. But Dr. Chawla says vastu dosh nivaran is in our own hands. Generally people think of vastu door entrance direction and not to power the main door. Vastu door opening direction is not the main thing to see, how we manage the vastu direction matters.

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Dr. Puneet Chawla is a world #1 Vastu Consultants with 22 years of experience in Vastu Shastra.


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5 Tips For A Vastu Friendly Toilet

The toilet is best assigned to the north-west direction of the house, or the room, in case of attached toilets, according to Vastu.Vastu friendly tips for the toilet help waive off negativity and keep health problems away. However, due to scarcity of space and as per modern design element, most of the toilets are attached to the bathroom. In such a case the west or north-west wall should have the water closet (WC) and a few inches above the ground. Here are a few tips for a Vastu-friendly toilet.


• The North-east corners should never be used to place a toilet at any cost. It is considered to be a major offence according to Vastu. It leads to various severe issues in one’s life like health problems, accidents, progeny issues and is even a root of unnecessary tensions. Lord Shiva is believed to own the north-east and hence it is a very sacred and pious direction. It is also occupied by the forehead of the VastuPurush, hence a toilet or bathroom should never be positioned here.

• Even the southeast corner of the house should not have a toilet as per Vastu regulations. This leads to major financial losses for the occupants. Unexpected losses, unexpected problems, taxation and legal issues, problems and accidents relating to electrical gadgets etc become quite obvious. This direction is owned by the God of Fire and hence it is best to have a kitchen in this area.

• Southwest direction in a house is where the magnetic energy gets stored, hence a toilet here too is a disaster according to Vastu. There should not be any drainage pipe or outlet on this direction.

• The toilets within a structure should always be towards north or south facing and never to the east or west. In case of placement of the toilet in a room, it should always be on the west or northwest side.

• There should be no toilets next to the puja room or kitchen. Even a toilet below a puja room or kitchen is disastrous. One toilet, however, can be placed above another.

Toilet is a place to shed away all negativity and hence the toilet doors should be kept closed at all times. Their placement in the right direction, hence, becomes highly essential so that the negativity does not bring bad affects to the inmates.

5 Things To Avoid in the Bedroom

We all know that it is the positive energy around us which brings in peace and prosperity to our homes. To induce an optimistic change in one’s life, here are 5 things which should be avoided in the bedroom so as to avoid creation of disharmony within relationships. Following these simple tips can make you usher in a vibrant and positive environment around you.


Bedroom being a place to relax and rejuvenate, alone or with your partner, there are certain things which need to be avoided therein.

1. Avoid dark colors- The mood and character of individuals are highly guided by the colors used within the house, including the bedroom, as per Vastu guidelines.It is said to avoid dark colors like blue and black in the bedroom, yellow white, light green are favorable colors for the same. People fond of color break concepts can also paint one wall in a dark hue on the east or south.

2. Avoid keeping cactus or thorny plants- Many people have a small balcony attached to the living room or even the bedroom. According to Vastu, one should not keep cactus or any thorny plants within the house balcony. Even bonsai plants and plants with red color flower should be avoided within the house. One can have money plant which brings in prosperity and happiness.

3. Choice of paintings and statues- the family members and married couples get highly affected by the paintings and statues placed within the house. Paintings depicting fight scenes, scary marks, aggressive and abstract paintings with conflicting colors should be avoided at all costs. Even statues of wild beasts and birds should be avoided within the bedroom. The bedroom should always have paintings with pictures of swans but two in number. Solitary pictures should be avoided.

4. Avoid overhead beams- There should be no exposed overhead beams in the bedroom or elsewhere in the house. Sleeping under an overhead beam causes depression, tension and diseases. Exposed beams even lead to misunderstanding and arguments. Using a false ceiling to mask the beams will be a good suggestion. Alternatively, a chandelier can be hung on the beam to balance the energies therein.

5. No clutter in bedrooms- The bedroom gets filled with negative vibrations if there happens to be clutter over there. The subconscious mind gets highly affected if there is load under the bed; it even leads to a disturbed sleep. Even footwear under the bed indicates that your mind would be loitering around here and there.

The bedroom should have a clean and neat atmosphere so as to create peace and tranquillity there. The things displayed within the bedroom should be pleasant to the eyes so as to bring in positive and peaceful vibrations.