North facing sites are believed to be very prosperous and successful and people residing or running a business here never fall short of finances. It assures constant development, growth and change as they take up the attribute of the leading planet. Such plots are one of the most sought-after plots after East as both East and north direction plots are considered to be very fruitful and lucky for the residents. However, like any other direction too, any flaw in the construction of the north facing plots against vast principles leads to heavy damages and difficulties for the inmates in every aspect of life.

In my 24 years of experience in the field of Vastu, I have realised that Vastu Shastra, as we all know, is all about the right synchronization of the different directions of the universe with the five elements of nature. Among all the ten directions, the North is considered to be one of the strongest. The reason behind this is that this direction is dominated by Lord Kuber, the Lord of wealth and prosperity, which automatically christens this direction as the giver of wealth and career for one and all. The planet for this direction is Mercury (Budh). This makes the north-facing plots high on demand at all times.


  • The Vastu Purush’s chest occupies the northern direction and hence this area should be kept clutter-free, well lit up and spacious.
  • I believe that the North receives a tremendous amount of positive energy from the North Pole. This energy is extremely beneficial to a structure and is also important for the residents of the building. Keeping this in mind, it is imperative that there should be large openings in the North to help the structure receive these positive energies.
  • When designing a house, it is essential to ensure that all rooms and facilities are positioned correctly in relation to the North, so as not to harm or hinder the positive effects of this direction. Placing a bathroom in the North results in heavy losses to the occupants of the house, and creating a store here can also lead to stagnation in their income as it blocks finances. Similarly, placing the master bedroom in the North promotes restlessness and hence, is not advisable. Positioning a kitchen in this direction burns all the positive energies emanating from the North. As a result, financial resources are lost, and the family falls into debt.
  • The presence of underground water tanks and slopes in the north helps boost the income of the residents of the house, thus improving their financial status.
  • Placing large mirrors on the northern walls of a room enhances the benefits provided by this direction. This is because whatever is reflected in the mirror is doubled.
  • Avoid placing closets on the north walls of the room as it makes the wall heavy and, in turn, stops the North’s energy from flowing freely.
  • If the number of doors in the north is fewer and smaller in size than the doors in the south, it can create Vastu defects and lead to expenditure-related problems.
  • In the case of buildings that face the North, the elevation of the building in the front should not be higher than that of the other side


  • They bring prosperity, riches and pleasures in every manner be it commercial or a residential building
  • People living in North-facing plots are very sincere, law abiding and faithful
  • Again, those residing in these plots are fearful and have a vigil eye. Such plots are very fruitful for the women folk and their health.
  • north houses bring good luck and keep the inmates motivated towards their respective goals in life
  • north facing plots gives ample opportunities and chances for business growth and wealth.


  • Dark colours should not be used in the facade
  • There should not be any toilets in the north as they bring financial losses
  • The kitchen should not be in the north as it brings health issues, low energies and disturbances in business.
  • There should not be any store in the North as it creates blockage of funds
  • There should not be any staircase int he north as it brings accidents and closure of business
  • north should not have the bedroom as it brings tensions and troubles between couples and even invites health issues.
  • I have always advised all my disciples to simply follow the Live Vastu principles which I have
  • formulated in order to get rid of all their woes and tensions in life the Vastu way.

Dr. Puneet Chawla is a Life Guru, guiding and mentoring the followers to solve their life problems and make a easy living. He corrects the reasons of troublesome life by way of Vastu, Mantra and Tantra Mandalas. Being an intuitive personality he senses the negative energies, the reasons of problems and rarely predicts the life decisions too. He is a Shiv and Shakti Sadhak and guides people through Shivpath.

Vastu for dressing table | vastu for mirror | Dr. Puneet Chawla | Vastu video

Here Dr. chawla is discussing vastu for Dressing table. Every woman loves to be appreciated and admired for her physical beauty. However, as per Vastu expert Dr. Puneet Chawla, Vastu plays a major role in enhancing and magnifying the beauty of a woman. This can be clearly understood in this article where a close connectivity has been established and demonstrated between the placement of the dressing mirror within the interiors of a room as per the directions favourable for the same according to Vaastu rules. Wrong placement of the dressing mirror can jeopardise the health and beauty of the inmates of the room drastically. Let’s see how?

There are lot of misconceptions and cooked-up ideologies when it comes to placing a dresser mirror in any given interior space. The most common being that if there happens to be a mirror in the bedroom in any direction, it would hamper the health of the occupants as its reflection would fall on them while sleeping. This is absolutely a myth. There are very clear cut rules which Vastu lays down when it comes to placement of the dressing mirror within the interiors of a bedroom. Not just this, Vaastu also lays down concrete guidelines regarding the placement of the dressing mirror and the position and direction of the user while dressing up which, if followed correctly, can never bring about any unrest in one’s life.


Beauty with dressing mirror, closely interlinked

  • one should never have the dresser mirror on the door of the cupboard, which is quite a common practice in India. This creates disturbance amongst couples and even brings about unrest in life.
  • likewise, the dresser mirror should to be placed in the south direction. This would create irritation and tensions in one’s married life.
  • having the dresser mirror in the west creates dissatisfaction in everything that one does or tries to do, thereby hampering peace in life
  • too much of anything is bad. The same applies to confidence as well. Placing the dresser mirror int he north direction wall makes the user over confident and ultimately hampers him in the long run.
  • the correct direction for the dresser mirror is the east as it enhances and reveals the real beauty of the user
  • the toilet should not be reflected in the dresser mirror at any cost.
  • placing the dresser mirror in the bedroom should be avoided, however if there is a separate opening to it or a walking closet created for the same in the appropriate direction then it is not a problem.
  • Mirror being a representative of water element as per Vaastu, a dressing table with dresser mirror int he south-east zone would be like having a water element in the place of fire which can prove be disastrous. It would lead to various obstacles in life, hamper the safety and security of the inmates and even cause accidents and injuries.
  • a mirror in the east- southeast zone along the eastern wall causes excessive thinking and creates doubt which can be the root cause of a marriage failure and divorce among couples residing in such a room.
  • a mirror on the southwest wall leads to over expectation from the souse and this too can be a major cause for regular rifts and quarrels among the two. Hence a dresser mirror in this zone should be avoided too.


Dr. Puneet Chawla is a world #1 Vastu Consultants with 22 years of experience in Vastu Shastra.


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