Rudraksh Evil Eye Bracelet | Live Vaastu Evil Eye Remedy

Rudraksha means “the tears of lord Shiva”. It is said, while removing Human beings suffering, Shiva — the lord of lords  began to cry and the tears of love came out from his eyes. And as his tears fell on the earth those tears became the divine seeds of Rudraksha.

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These beads of Rudraksha give us divine blessings and positive power to cope up with life difficulties. It removes many obstacles from the path of success. One can get the spiritual and materialistic needs full filled in the life.  It is specially made and energized to give protection from evil eye in life. 
This bracelet is prepared by Dr. Chawla’s Live vaastu team. The beads are high in quality and nicely polished. The weaving is very durable. It is also highly energized with team of brahmins from Shivpath 

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Vastu Se Ghar Sansar | Vastu Tips For Symbols by Dr. Puneet Chawla

Vastu se ghar sansar is a web series on Knowledge of vastu . This is a weekly show by renowned Vastu Expert Dr. Puneet Chawla. The topic of the show is Symbols and vastu. Symbols have big impact on our life and vastu energies. Here he is telling that every business organization and political party has a symbol. The importance of symbols is very high. These people use symbols propagate themselves. Then he says that in Indian system of sanatna dharma, there are lot of deities and have resemblance through the symbols. Lord shiva has different symbols and there usages. His some of the symbols are trishool, damru, bhasma etc.

Maa lakshmi has lotus flower and mark of shree.

Lord Ganesha the remover of obstacles has a powerful symbol called sawstika. It removes the obstacles and negative energy. This swastik can be put on the main doors of the building structures. It can be put on the walls too to remove the vastu defects Dr. Puneet Chawla suggests that the symbols play a big role in removing the negative energies around the house!

So the show symbols and vastu is worthy to watch……

Watch The Full Video Of  >>>>>>>>>>>>>   Vastu Se Ghar Sansar | Tips For vastu symbols | Web series by Dr. Puneet Chawla | via Dr. Puneet Chawla Live Vaastu



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