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Achieve your desires. the earth, on which we live, is round in shape. It is surrounded by both positive and negative energies which are a part of our everyday living. Vastu Shastra believes that whatever energy we release the same do we attract. If we give out positive vibrations, it goes in full circle and comes back to us in the form of positivity, happiness and prosperity. So, in the same fashion, if we manifest everything and set our goals correct, the entire universe gets together to help us achieve our desired goals. Hence, it is extremely important to set our goals in the right direction so that we get positive results at the possible timeframe.

1. Clarity of thought- Confusion leads to commotion. To get the desired results in any walk of life, it is highly essential to first be clear in your thought as to what do you want to achieve in life. If you have a fickle mind your decisions would never be correct and you would end up having nothing in your hand. To give you clarity in your thought process, Vastu shastras stresses on the correcting the North west direction of the house and office premises. Wrong placement and positioning of this direction can lead to confusions in the work front, thereby making you take wrong decisions which might turn futile and fatal in the long run. To ensure this, make arrangements that there are no stores or cuts in the North-west direction. This direction is best suited for the placement of a toilet and should be used for the same alone.

2. Planning in the right direction- By failing to plan or prepare yourself, you’re planning or preparing to fail. Remember, a goal without a plan is like a car without a steering which cannot be controlled and taken to the desired destination safely, securely and timely. However, to enable you to plan correctly, Vastu suggests one to correct the east direction, which in turn means having open spaces in the east so that there is enough scope for light, air, sunshine and positive energy to penetrate in the house, thereby creating scope for a successful plan and its execution too.

3. Clear your ways- As I said earlier, a clear mind produces clear thoughts. If there are obstacles and hurdles in front of your mind your thinking can never be correct and in the positive direction. For this it is important to keep the North-east direction clean, clear and blockage-free. The North-east Vastu tips suggest this direction to be belonging to Lord Shiva, the epitome of devotion for all Hindu worshippers. Hence this direction should be kept clutter-free, well-lit up and dust free at all times.

4. Be strong to face obstacles- Problems and obstacles are a part and parcel of life. Even a plant has to face the strong heat of the sun and tough weather conditions to yield the sweetest of fruits. However, we have to be strong enough to be able to stand erect and keep moving towards are pre-set goals even in the face of adversities. Vastu says to be able to face the challenges of life, it is important to strengthen the South-west direction and capitalise on it. Just follow the simple Vastu tips for this direction and see how you experience a smooth sailing towards your desired destinations and goals of life.

5. Maintain high energy levels- Without energy we can never achieve success. Proper execution of any pre-set goals requires proper execution through physical as well as mental labor. to be able to think in the right direction, it is extremely essential to think positive and keep negative energies at bay. Make sure you are surrounded by positive energies. This can be ensured by simply following Vastu tips in your everyday life. Anything which ignites negativity should be avoided at any cost.

6. Receive the results- Showing your achievements and happiness is also a form of creating positivity around you. Hence it is very important to celebrate and acknowledge your success at every level. This can be done by enhancing your decors with bright lights, sharing and donating and even spreading happiness in whatever manner possible. Vastu believes success becomes stable only when it is celebrated and acknowledged from time to time.


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