Vastu for Stairs- Points to Consider When Constructing Stairs

Stairs play a major role in a building, and are a topic of great significance and sensitivity in vaastu science. Energies filled with the forces of life climb the stairs of a house and make their way throughout its internal structure.


Here are some points to consider when constructing stairs are as follows:

Direction and Placement: The staircase should always head towards a clockwise direction, as anticlockwise stairs bring in bad energies. It signifies that the time circle of the inmates is going in a reverse action. The best location for stairs is in the south, southwest and northwest sections of a house. Do not place stairs in the northern portion of a building.

Number of Steps: The number of steps in a staircase should be always odd, i.e. numbers like 5, 9, 11, 15, 21 and so on.

No Picture On Stairs: Do not hang any pictures of gods or goddesses at the start, middle or end of the staircase. Also, do not hang pictures of any human being (family or friends) under the stairs. (Why in the case of the latter?) For hanging the pictures of god this is not an auspicious place, because it has different levels, and all the levels are occupied by the feet and steps of human beings. Other wise there is a simple logic gods should not be place here and there, they should have a respectable place . The stair hall is not a  stable area so human being pictures are also not viable here.

No Spiral Staircase: Spiral staircases are not auspicious and should be avoided. (Why?) Spiral staircase encircle the building and bind it with the un-auspicous energies. This is not advisable.

Door with stairs: Providing a door at the head of a staircase is considered propitious.

Avoid constructing stairs in front of the main gate of a house or building. (Why?) Stairs just in front of the main gate signifies that the good luck and energy climbs to the stairs and do not circulate in the lower structure. The best circulation of energy is made in a zigzag form. This opening one opening and one closing.

Under the Stairs:

  • Do not build a toilet or sitting area under the stairs. This is considered to be very unlucky. You can, however, create a storage space here.
  • Do not make a kitchen under the stairs. The prosperity of the house is stagnated and burdened.
  • Do not ever make a puja place or a meditation space under the stairs, it has regular burdens running on it., or call us at 9555666667, 9873333108, 9711115099 mail id watch Enlightened Life Guru Dr. Puneet Chawla videos on Vastu and Spirituality on youtube (

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Vastu Tips – Mirror Placement

Mirros are only best suited on north walls.
Mirros are only best suited on east walls.


Mirros are only best suited on northeast walls.
Mirros are only best suited on northwest walls.

Putting a mirror in front of dining table enhances wealth and prosperity.

Putting a mirror in the cash locker and safe increases chances of  money.  It increases sale in the showrooms.

If in any direction you want to give an opening effect one can put mirror on it. Suppose north is not having a window, so we can provide a big mirror so that north can enhanced.

In the case of faulty stairs towards the northeastern sides of the structure , we can provide mirror on the north and east walls to give a lighting effect., or call us at 9555666667, 9873333108, 9711115099 mail id watch Enlightened Life Guru Dr. Puneet Chawla videos on Vastu and Spirituality on youtube (


The mandir or pooja room holds a very special position in a house. It is a place of devotion, hope, trust, truth, and even refuge. In view of the mandir’s immense significance, it is essential to create a space that embodies the best possible principles of vaastu.

Wood and marble are the best materials to use when constructing a mandir.

Best Direction and Proper Placement

Direction: The best direction to worship in is the northeast; the sun’s first rays fall in this corner, making it very sacred. In vaastu science, the northeast corner is known as isshan(corner for ishwar or God). This direction is also recognized as the point from where earth’s powerful magnetic energy is generated. Therefore, this is an ideal location for a mandir. However, if your mandir is not situated in the northeast, make sure that you face this direction while praying.

Placement: Make sure that the pooja room is not positioned next to the toilet. One should also avoid building a mandir in the bedroom or the kitchen.

It is also not advisable to build a mandir underneath the stairs, or construct any structure over the prayer room, as you would end up symbolically stepping on it.

Inside the Pooja Room

Idols: The idols and images of gods and goddesses should be placed on a wooden platform. (Why?) The idols can be kept on marble and stone also.

If it is wood it should be pure and tree would only. Rose wood is very pure and good. Ply and laminated boards are not pure wood.

The answer for why is… is mentioned in the scriptures “Purans”

Make sure that the size of the idols is not more than the size of the thumb of the owner of house. (Why?) The idols which are bigger than the thumb are supposed to be in society mandir/ Temples. If the idols are larger than the thumb size, pran prathishta has to be made in the idols. It is a ceremony while keeping establishing he idols it is meant that the power has been put in the idol. After that the idol is to taken care as a human being because it is considered that the idol has prana energy(life energy) in it. This is also mentioned in the “purans”

Pictures in Pooja Room: Avoid placing too many pictures or symbols – shiv lingams, conches, etc. – of a single god. (Why?) It is a point of respect, faith and value we give to our god. These should not be kept in our living rooms, drawing rooms and other places. These are our personal places, we eat and relax there. God pictures and idols kept here and there gives a sense of modern  spirituality and faith. But God is all mighty we keep them any where, or hang them on wall, just to fulfill the fashion in the society. Conch is considered as a very scared identity in Hindu culture, and in lots of places it is displayed as a showpiece.

In the scriptures a specific number is  mentioned for each and every deity. The place and the directions are also mentioned. The nature and characteristics of ritual also varies a little bit. It is a rule we can not change. There are 33 crore gods in the Hindu culture. It will be difficult to mention all of them.

Never place pictures of deceased people or your guru in the pooja room. (Why?)The deceased people and gurus are human being and in comparison to the god the position/grade is lower. So these should not be kept in same level and same place  with the god. The wall can be changed.

Placing pictures, idols and tiles of Lord Ganesha on gates and at the front of a house is not advisable. This is because Goddess Lakshmi’s sister Daridrata, whose name also means poverty, is featured on Lord Ganesha’s back. So, when you place the god with his back to the house, you are, in essence, inviting poverty into your house.

Diya: Make it a point to light a diya (earthenware oil lamp) or burn incense before the gods in your mandir every evening., or call us at 9555666667, 9873333108, 9711115099 mail id watch Enlightened Life Guru Dr. Puneet Chawla videos on Vastu and Spirituality on youtube (