Vastu And Your Success

We all crave to be successful in life, in our respective fields of work, be it business or profession. For this, we need luck along with hard work and dedication and Vatsu is one quotient which can promise you to fetch good luck for a successful life ahead. Following Vastu principles ensure a happy, positive and energetic surrounding both at home as well as the office front, thereby ensuring inflow of good vibrations which in turn bring about success and prosperity for you and your family. Here are a few Vastu tips which can make all the difference at your place of work.


Vastu tips for success:

• Make sure you are conversant with the use of the north direction as this direction is responsible for unending success, development and overall growth of your business.

• While watching the television, eating food or working or sitting, make sure to face the east or north direction

• While sleeping, your head should be in the south while the foot should face the north direction.

• The north-east or the east region of your house or office should not be obstructed with dumping stuff or junk materials. If it is so, it should be cleared immediately.

• There should not be any vacant space left in the west or the south zone. However, if the entrance of the office or house happens to be there in the south or the west, make sure there are no open spaces for a balcony

• The east and the north areas should have more of open spaces to let positive energy, coming from the morning sunlight, seep into the premises easily.

• While sitting and working, ensure that the workers face the north

• There should not be an exposed beam above the workers while sitting and working

Placing the right thing at the right place and direction can pave way for a Vastu compliant premises which would definitely render positive results for a prosperous and successful future for you and your near and dear ones.