Vastu Advice For Building Construction

After having purchased an auspicious plot for making your dream home, the next step should be to seek Vastu advice for building construction which you intend to so on that piece of land. Following Vastu advice for building construction can convert a not so favourable plot into a favourable one. The first and foremost step is to make a plan of the layout of the building on paper. Then Vastu tips should be followed step by step as the construction work progresses.

• Remove all thorny bushes, stones, holes in the ground etc before commencing construction work on the plot of land.

• Make sure to remove the junk or trash from the construction site immediately.

• There should be no break in construction work and the work should continue constantly.

• Night time should be avoided for construction; it is best done during daytime.

• Before starting to construct the house, the compound wall should be erected.


Here are a few important Vastu advice for building construction which should be kept in mind while getting construction work done for a house.

Construction material– Never use old materials for constructing a new building. Wood from thorny trees should also be avoided. The doors and door frames should be made out of the same material, like an iron door should have an iron frame and not anything else.

Storage of materials-There has to be a storage room at the construction site for storing cement bags and other construction materials. Since storage makes the space heavy, the area chosen for storing stuffs should be in the southwest, south or west directions.

Excavation– the land should be excavated from the northeast corner as per Vastu. It should then proceed towards east, north, south and then west.

Water sump– The northeast, north or the east should have the water sources on the plot. Southwest, southeast and northwest directions should be completely avoided for positioning the water sources. It is even inauspicious to place the water sump in the middle of the plot.

Laying foundation-The southwest corner should be chosen for laying down the foundation work of the structure, proceeding towards northwest and southeast and then from northwest and southeast to north east.

Entrance door– A positive direction should be chosen for the entrance door, away from the corners. These include north, northeast and east in case of north and east facing plots and southeast and south in case of south facing plots. For west facing plots, it should be west and northwest. The entrance door in any house should not be more than two.

Vastu Advice For House Building

It is believed that Vastu advice for house building not only assures a perfect structure ensuring success and prosperity in life for the inmates but also brings about inner peace, health and overall satisfaction.


Here are some general tips on Vastu advice for house construction.

• The northeast of the house should have a lot of open space. There should be less of open space towards the south and the west as compared to the north and the east.

• The southwest of the house should have the master bedroom.

• The kitchen should be constructed in the southeast portion of the plot. If this is not possible then northwest is the second best option for the kitchen.

• The northeast of the house should host the pooja room.

• The northwest or west should have the toilet while the bathroom can be in the northeast, north, east or northwest of the house.

• The northern and eastern portions of the house should have the basement.

• The house should be painted with light hues. Black and red should be avoided at all costs.

It is very important to create a positive environment within the house to get positive results, comfort and security while residing within it. There are various environmental factors which need to be considered in order to achieve a qualitative life. According to Vastu and the science of architecture, every environmental influence by the five elements of nature need to be rightly assessed, including the position of the sun, the moon and the planets in the solar system, in order to ensure a happy living within any structure or building. The placement of the rooms, the orientation of the building, proportions and measurements, shape and slope of land on the plot, location of water bodies and so on, are all influenced by these cosmic elements.

Some general Vastu tips for house building are as follows:

• If possible, a well should be dug in the northeast corner of the plot. The ground water procured from this source of water should be used for construction of the house as this would bring in a lot of good luck.

• There should be a lot of open space around the building as this would ensure a lot of air flow throughout the building. However, the open spaces should be more towards the north and the east where the sun rises and it should be minimum in the west and the south.

Plants can be planted in almost every direction of the plot, however tall trees should not be planted in the north or the east as they would block the entry of positive vibrations, light and air into the house from this direction. It is best to plant smaller bushes, saplings and creepers towards these two directions. Taller and bulkier trees can be planted in the south and west portions of the plot.

Vastu Guide For Internal Staircases

As per the guidelines and regulations of Vastu Shastra, there should be complete and perfect communion of the directions and the five elements with the energy forces within the interior as well as the exterior of any house or structure. This applies to internal staircases too. If a staircase is not correctly placed as per Vastu regulations, it can lead to generation of increased negative forces which is capable of rubbing off all the positive vibrations that may be produced from other rightly placed Vastu elements on the various floors and interior spaces. Here is a Vastu guide for internal staircases which, if followed properly, would bring in wealth, health and peace of mind within the house.



  • Staircases should be constructed in a manner that the person while climbing moves from north to south and from east to west direction. A ny toher arrangement or movement in this concern would generate a lot of negative energy which would fall against the principles of Vastu.
  • The above rule applies for both internal as well as external staircases for both residential as well as commercial properties.
  • According to Vastu principles, staircases are spaces where energy keeps flowing, hence they should always turn clockwise while going up.

Number of steps:

  • Internal staircases should always have an odd number of flights or steps for it to comply with Vastu principles.
  • Even number of steps are not considered positive according to Vastu Shastra


  • The height between two steps should always be maintained nominal, which is not too high and not too low either.
  • The walls adjoining the steps should be decorated with pots of flowers or with vibrant coloured wallpapers.
  • The vibrancy created along the staircase tends to make the house more prone to peace and prosperity.


  • Staircases should never be built in the north-east corner of a plot or building at any cost. This applies for both internal as well as external staircases.
  • Placing a staircase in the northeast leads to draining away of the wealth of the inmates of the house.
  • Bathrooms or pooja rooms should not be positioned under a staircase.
  • The space under a staircase can be conveniently used for storage purposes.
  • A staircase built right before the entrance door of the house creates imbalance and destroys the positive energy entering inside the house through the main door.

Following Vastu guide for internal staircases is sure to boost success and bring peace and prosperity for the owners and occupants of the house.