Wealth And Prosperity In Life Through Vastu Principles

The Purchase or Construction of a Property is incomplete without the mention and implementation of Vastu Shastra in it. The Positive energy in the house should be enhanced in order to have a happy and prosperous life. Vastu Shastra says that if we live in a house which has access to positive cosmic forces, it leads to an increase in wealth, well being and prosperity of its inmates.


In my years of experience, I have rectified many buildings which were initially inauspicious due to wrong Vastu but with the application of Vastu principles in them, the Vastu dosh was completely removed and the building was made absolutely Vastu-friendly. This led to the inmates leading a content, healthy and happy life. it even led to getting peace of mind, happiness and prosperity for the occupants. This is what Vastu does to a property. It makes it lucky and worth living.

The Lord of wealth id God Kuber and he need to be pleased in order to have a strong financial stability in life. However, to do so, one needs to follow the following Vastu tips for wealth and success:

  • The cupboard or safe should be located in the south or south-west for keeping cash and jewelry. The cupboard should open towards the north as this place is occupied by Lord Kuber who keeps it replenished
  • The north-east corner of the house should be kept clean and clutter-free at all times. Be sure never to construct a staircase in this portion as this would lead to great losses of wealth.
  • A leaking faucet or tap leads to drainage of finances of the house, hence any dripping faucet should be repaired at once.
  • South-east is occupied by Agnidev and hence there should not be a bedroom in this direction. A kitchen here increases wealth.
  • Bedroom should be in the south-west. The bed inside the room should never touch the walls. Also, the floor of the room should not have a slanting slope.
  • Adapting to these Vastu steps would lead to lifelong financial stability and monetary well being.

We all strive towards achieving a good lifestyle with high standards of living. High social status, huge bank balance and a luxurious life is a dream for every enthusiastic human being. All these can be achieved by keeping a positive attitude and a promising outlook towards life. Let all negative vibrations stay miles away from you and you would soon realize that everything is achievable in this so called materialistic world. All this can be done by switching to Vastu principles in one’s daily life.

Dr Puneet Chawla

A professional vaastu consultant should be an accomplished authority on architecture, Indian ancient science of Vaastu, Vedic scriptures like the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, astrology and other related sciences. Dr. Puneet Chawla has a command over all these and is adept in providing vaastu recommendations to homes. A good vaastu consultant is one who studies the issues.

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