Vastu For Good Health

Without health, can you enjoy the wealth that you earn during a lifetime? No. A happy, healthy and wealthy life is what we all crave for. We want materialistic pleasures along with peace of mind. Vastu plays a very vital role in determining resolving various health and other issues which we tend to face in our everyday lives. Here are some of the tips which should be adhered to in order to have good health.


Vastu for good health:

1. Right sleeping position- While sleeping one should have his/her head to the south. For people having Vata and Kapha constitutions, it is recommended to sleep on the left side of the bed while those having Pita should sleep on the right side.

2. Staircases affect health to a great extent- The placement and direction in which the staircase is placed drastically affects the heath of the occupants of the house. Major health issues take place if the staircase is positioned right at the centre of the house. Staircases should always be installed in a corner.

3. Let the energy flow freely- The centre of any house is the Brahmasthan and hence it should be kept free and devoid of any furniture so as to ensure a free flow of energy within the house. Obstruction in the flow of energy leads to stagnation which in turn leads to bad health for the inmates

4. Overhead beams– Overhead beams should never run through the centre of the house as these can cause a disturbed mind and block the positive communication channel therein.

5. Balance the fire elements- A good balance of the fire elements is very essential in order to ensure keeping health issues at bay. A slope in the south or a generator in the north east lead to health problems for family members.

6. Effect of candle on your health- A candle should be lit everyday in the fire zone i.e. the south east. Not only do they add beauty and brilliance to the surrounding but also help waive off negativity from the surrounding.

7. Be careful of house and house gate- The height of the house boundary and the house gate should be same. The sides of the gate should be used for growing citrus fruits and plants as this promotes good health.

8. Keep Lord Hanuman’s image- The protector of our health is Lord Hanuman. A house facing the south direction should have an image of Lord Hanuman within the house as this would ensure good health for the inmates.

Dr Puneet Chawla

A professional vaastu consultant should be an accomplished authority on architecture, Indian ancient science of Vaastu, Vedic scriptures like the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, astrology and other related sciences. Dr. Puneet Chawla has a command over all these and is adept in providing vaastu recommendations to homes. A good vaastu consultant is one who studies the issues.

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