Vastu For Home

Vastu is a science which follows a grid of directions and is practised in every corner of the world. However, how a country fares in terms of Vastu is different from another. India, for instance, is quite inappropriate in terms of Vastu and it is believed that the prevailing poverty of this country is due to its Vastu in compliance. Vastu experts believe that a drastic change can be brought about to the entire country if Vastu for home and office buildings is followed strictly.

Here are some miscellaneous Vastu tips for home:

Vastu lays down guidelines for every room and direction. It even stresses on how our lifestyle should be in order to make it harmonious, peaceful and happy. Some common Vastu points which should be kept in mind while doing up the Vastu for home have been mentioned herein.

  • Three doors on one wall are a bad Vastu idea, especially if they face the main door as this makes the house exposed to too much of road’s energy
  • Rooms on the south should not have low ceilings
  • Pillars and beams in the house should always be in even numbers. However, one does not need to demolish the house in case the number turns out to be odd, the best and most Vastu-friendly solution is to create false ceilings and pillars accordingly
  • Sleeping or working under exposed beams bring ill fortune
  • Avoid circular staircases. Also, the number of steps in a stairway should always be odd and they should rise from east to west or from the north to south.
  • Steps on the east and north sides should not touch the wall of the building. This can be achieved by making sure the steps are on the south and west sides.
  • Windows are recommended for the northwest sector of the plot or grid. This is because this grid is ruled by the God of wind, Vayudev. If the northwest wind is allowed easy accessibility into the building, it is regarded as a sign of good fortune. This, however, was quite common in traditional freestanding houses with a central courtyard open to the sky in previous times.
  • Rooftops should slant from west to east and from south to north.
  • The evil eye is believed to be warded off by stringing together seven green chillies and a lime on a thread and hanging the concoction on the main door frame where everybody can see it.

India is a growing economy on the global world map and Vastu perfections would only make its position bigger, better and more prosperous. However, to achieve so and to make a niche for itself in today’s challenging scenario, it has to be collectively accepted and followed by people of every section of society residing here in this country. This will take it to a different level of success and prosperity.

Vastu For Good Health

Without health, can you enjoy the wealth that you earn during a lifetime? No. A happy, healthy and wealthy life is what we all crave for. We want materialistic pleasures along with peace of mind. Vastu plays a very vital role in determining resolving various health and other issues which we tend to face in our everyday lives. Here are some of the tips which should be adhered to in order to have good health.


Vastu for good health:

1. Right sleeping position- While sleeping one should have his/her head to the south. For people having Vata and Kapha constitutions, it is recommended to sleep on the left side of the bed while those having Pita should sleep on the right side.

2. Staircases affect health to a great extent- The placement and direction in which the staircase is placed drastically affects the heath of the occupants of the house. Major health issues take place if the staircase is positioned right at the centre of the house. Staircases should always be installed in a corner.

3. Let the energy flow freely- The centre of any house is the Brahmasthan and hence it should be kept free and devoid of any furniture so as to ensure a free flow of energy within the house. Obstruction in the flow of energy leads to stagnation which in turn leads to bad health for the inmates

4. Overhead beams– Overhead beams should never run through the centre of the house as these can cause a disturbed mind and block the positive communication channel therein.

5. Balance the fire elements- A good balance of the fire elements is very essential in order to ensure keeping health issues at bay. A slope in the south or a generator in the north east lead to health problems for family members.

6. Effect of candle on your health- A candle should be lit everyday in the fire zone i.e. the south east. Not only do they add beauty and brilliance to the surrounding but also help waive off negativity from the surrounding.

7. Be careful of house and house gate- The height of the house boundary and the house gate should be same. The sides of the gate should be used for growing citrus fruits and plants as this promotes good health.

8. Keep Lord Hanuman’s image- The protector of our health is Lord Hanuman. A house facing the south direction should have an image of Lord Hanuman within the house as this would ensure good health for the inmates.

Vastu For Shop

Vastu defects at the shop can reduce your sales drastically. In order to ensure overall success, peace and economic growth, one needs to follow Vastu norms even at the shop. A properly constructed, Vastu compliant shop can earn profits, name, fame and goodwill for itself and its owner.


Some very important Vastu points relating to a shop are as follows:

  • The shop plot or site should be a perfect square or rectangle. there should be no irregular protrusions or cut in the property. It is believed that an irregular shaped shop would lead to losses in business.
  • The owner of the shop should face east or north while sitting, hence he should ideally sit in the south or west direction.
  • The owner should have a slid wall behind him when seated
  • The shop should have entrance form the east or the north
  • Prayers to the Almighty should be offered by lighting a lamp and incense sticks every morning after opening the shop
  • The shop should have auspicious symbols of swastika with the words ‘shubh-laabh’ and ‘riddhi-siddhi’ written on one of the walls within the shop.
  • The shop should be spread with ‘Loban or Gugal’ smoke everyday
  • The entrance of the shop should not have a slope as it leads to inconsistency in profit levels
  • The cash counter should open towards the north which is the quadrant for the lord of wealth Kuber. The cash box should never be left empty
  • An open drain in front of the shop leads to loss of wealth
  • Heavy items should be kept in the south or the west side of the shop
  • The north-east being a sacred corner should be kept uncluttered and clean at all times
  • The doors of the shop should always open towards the right hand side.
  • The floor of the shop should be wiped with salt water everyday excepting Sunday.


Vastu For Placement Of The Various Gadgets And Commodities Within The Bathroom

Bathrooms and toilets are the most sensitive areas within any given structure, house, factory or office as they the source for welcoming negative energy into the premises. A bathroom is a place where we shed away all our negative energies by cleansing ourselves. Hence, utmost care should be taken to note that everything within the toilet is placed and positioned according to Vastu principles so that it does not become the source for spreading of negative energy within the structure.


It has been often seen that bathrooms are the most neglected areas of the house in most middle and lower strata of society.   It is highly essential to design even the smallest of toilets in a manner that the energy shed here remains buoyant and it does not affect your health, wealth and overall well being and happiness. For this, it is important to groom oneself in a manner that cleanliness and hygiene is given utmost priority.

Some simple steps to keep negative energies generating in the toilets at bay:

  • The best way to make your bathroom attractive and Vastu compliant is by making it look fresh, beautiful and absolutely clean. For this you can start off with painting the toilet afresh, clearing away all unwanted stuff from it, hanging new towels and toiletries, using Vastu salt and even plants.
  • The bathrooms should be kept spic and span and free from any fungus growth. Windows should be present within the bathroom to allow the entry of fresh air into it.
  •  A wrong placement of bathroom within the premises can pose adverse affects on the health and prosperity of the inmates, so it is mandatory to note the placement and positioning of each and every article within the bathroom to ensure healthy and happy living for the occupants of the house.
  • Modern day bathrooms, unlike the olden times, have the toilet and bath area placed side by side. However, this should be segregated by using curtains.
  • Wrong location of the water closet (WC) or the toilet pot is the key reason for wrong Vastu within a bathroom in most of the cases. Hence, it should be placed in the right direction and corner.
  • The bathroom door should be kept closed at all times and the toilet lid should be kept down when not in use
  • The person while using the toilet pot should face the north or the south, hence its positioning should be planned accordingly.
  • The color palette for a bathroom should be warm and vibrant and not shocking red or black.
  • The bathroom accessories should be stored on the south or west walls
  • The position of the mirror within the bathroom should be such that it is in an elevated position and it does not reflect the toilet pot
  • The mirror should be placed on either the north or the east wall. If there is a tap leaking or if there are other plumbing issues, these should be resolved without delay.

Vastu And Children’s Study Area

Just like adults, children too need their private sanctuary to study, learn and relax. This area should be kept well-organized and should encourage the flow of positive energy within the surrounding atmosphere. I feel it is very important to consult your children and know about their likes and dislikes while doing up their room or the study place. It is extremely important for parents to trust their children’s’ interest and intuitions and even get their feedback. By doing so, you boost your child’s self confidence and belief in himself which in turn paves way for a more relaxed and focused life ahead of him.


Here are a few points which should be kept in mind while designing and doing up your children’s room and study area:

  • The northeast of the house should host the study desk and the child should be made to face the east, north-east or the north while studying as this enhances the brainwave activity of the child’s mind.
  • Facing a window placed in the south direction while studying can lead to headaches and eyestrain’s. However, the child’s creativity gets restricted if he faces a blank wall in front of him. The best is to make him face the room which would give him an expansive feeling.
  • Never cut down on the size of the desk as a skimpy table with no space would put the child under constant pressure.
  • The child should be advised to keep only those books and gadgets on the table which are most conducive for his usage. These, too, should be well arranged and kept neatly.
  • There should be sufficient and adequate natural lighting in the room which does not put strain on the eyes of the child while working.
  • Sometimes just a simple relocation of the bookshelf and configuration of the furniture into a different set up in the study room as per Vastu principles can create greater interest for the child and enhance his interest in learning.
  • The north-east of the room should be kept light, open, clean and clutter-free.

Vastu is a science which improves the way a person thinks reacts and responds to things around him. Vastu enables a person to progress towards better opportunities in life. It opens doors for newer creations and establishments and paves way for success and prosperity in life. Hence, I always advice people to consult a professional Vastu expert who could guide you to a better and greater start in life. Not only would he improve your settings within the home but would also create better settings for you for a better life and stronger future prospects towards success and well being

Vastu Tips For The Dining Area

The dining area of the house is a place where the entire family gets together for a happy meal either when the day begins or after a hectic day’s schedule, at night. Hence, it holds a special place in every household and also in Vastu science.


Here are a few Vastu tips pertaining to the dining room of your house:

  • The dining table should be large enough to be able to entertain family and friends with food. A good dining room set up as per Vastu regulations is directly proportional to good health, harmony and prosperity for the family members and it brings strength to the family as a whole.
  • The dining table should ideally be a square or a rectangle in shape as these shapes support the proper flow of energy and even represents stability. Never buy a dining table with round, oval or irregular shapes.
  • One should never face the south direction while having meals.
  • The south-west side facing north or east determines the placement of the most important chair of the dining table and this should be occupied by the head of the family.
  • The dining area should be painted in hues of green, yellow or orange. Grey and brown shades should not be used in this area. Also, always display cheerful and attractive paintings in the dining room.
  • Place pictures which stimulate your appetite like pictures of fruits, greenery and vegetables. Dining with family and friends should always be a fun filled experience and hence there should be no place for any sad object or painting in the dining room.
  • The western part of the house should have the dining area as per ancient Vastu Shastra books.
  • Never place the dining table under a beam.
  • There should not be too much of table top décor, clutter or even the television in the dining room or anything which causes distraction for that matter.
  • The dining area should have the wash basin in the north or eastern side
  • The dining room should not be visible from the front door as this would lead to loss of wealth for the occupants.
  • Mirrors tend to stimulate energy flow and even conversation among family members; hence it can be brought to good use in the dining room.
  • In order to arouse hunger, pictures of mouth-watering dishes should be placed here.
  • The dining table should be kept away from the wall; it should not touch the wall completely.
  • The dining room should not be positioned next to the toilet.
  • Continuous music of Vena, piano, sitar, table, violin or shehnai should be played in the backdrop in the dining room during meal times.
  • The television should be kept away from the dining room or dining table.
  • The kitchen and the dining room/table should be placed adjacent to each other

Vastu For A Perfect Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most important aspects of any household. It determines health and prosperity for the family living within its premises. An efficient and welcoming kitchen definitely and undoubtedly proves to be healthier and more prosperous for its inmates.


Here are a few effective Vastu tips for enhancing your kitchen with power and perfection.

  • The South east corner of the kitchen should have the fire placement. If this area cannot be used, the second best option is the north-west.
  • The Gas stove should be ideally placed according to Vastu principles
  • The Bedroom should never be located just above the kitchen. Also, the toilet should not be located just above the fire, on the upper level.
  • Leaking taps and dripping pipelines are a symbol of wealth flowing out of the house, hence these should be repaired without delay
  • Green, lemon yellow and orange should be used for painting the walls of the kitchen. These colors are supportive of the fire element. Never use anti-fire colors like black and blue within the kitchen premises.
  • The kitchen should not have the toilet door bank opposite it. The toilet door can be re positioned or an automatic door may be installed as an alternative. The best is to place a pyramid partition strip here as a remedy.

Problems arising due to wrong Vastu of the kitchen:

  • One becomes unhappy and inactive if the kitchen has been painted with dull or unnatural shades
  • If the kitchen is placed in any other direction other than the south-east, the family members will always complain about the food being cooked here.
  • Sickness and poverty is caused if the kitchen is positioned in the north-east direction of the house.
  • Serious health issues are faced by the family members if the kitchen is placed in the south-west direction
  • The north-west is considered to be a neutral direction for the placement of the kitchen but in this case the women of the house would be busy at all times in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen positioned in the center of the plot or house would invite endless problems for you and your family members
  • Free flow of wealth is restricted in the house if the stove is not functioning at all or is in a half working state.
  • The kitchen should never be positioned below or above a toilet

All these Vastu factors relating to kitchen should be kept in mind while doing up your house so that you only get positive vibrations from your kitchen and it leads to health and prosperity for you and your family members.

Symptoms and Remedies For Vastu Dosh

Every human or object around us imposes positive and negative effects on our life. Be it the overall house, the furniture placed within it, the colors used for painting the interiors, the plants around the house and even the structures in the vicinity, every item, be it a living or a non-living object, carries positive or negative energies with it which influences our livelihood and well being.


Objects around us should always be in their natural and healthy state, just as a healthy person needs to be active in every manner, physical, mental as well as spiritual. Vastu principles claim that any object which is not used for a long time attracts negative energy and hence should be discarded, just as a stale fruit or vegetable starts emitting foul smell and disburses negative energy into the surrounding.

Just as we do not let any harmful or stale food enter into our body, we should also be cautious enough never to keep any non-functional or useless object within the home premises. Any junk item should be disposed off immediately.

Vastu energy comprises of everything from objects to rooms, people to positions of different things within the house and so on. This energy which is stored within our house premises can be felt easily by people coming from outside into our home. If the objects emit positive energy, the guest would feel welcomed and if there is negativity in the surrounding, it would make them feel restless and repulsive. Being a part of your own house, you might not feel the presence of this negative energy around you as you tend to get accustomed to it. But this negative energy tends to surround and affect you in more ways than one as you are the most sensitive component of your house in comparison to other things.

This accumulated energy of everything in the house sometimes proves to be negative and it is due to the presence of this negative energy which leads to Vastu dosh in the house.

The symptoms which reflect Vastu Dosh in a house are as follows:

•  When one or the other family member keeps falling sick at any given point of time, the house is believed to have Vastu dosh. The illness may be as common as a cold to some serious fatal diseases depending on the energy and resistance capacity of the family members and the degree of Vastu dosh within the house.

•  If there are unnecessary mental tensions and arguments in the house, it means the house has Vastu dosh.

•  Breaking of glass, cutlery etc or other noticeable damage is a sign of Vastu defect within the structure.

•  Leaking taps, fusing of lights, fan, motor etc are symptoms of Vastu dosh

•  Packed almirahs, cupboards, excessive furniture are all signs of Vastu defects

Al the above symptoms reflect Vastu dosh within a property which needs to be attended to and rectified immediately.

Remedies for Vastu dosh:

•  Any object which adds to the clutter in the house should be removed immediately

•  Objects which are not used for a long time should be re-considered and removed. They should either be put to use or disposed

•  All electrical and plumbing fixtures that are leaking or malfunctioning should be repaired at once.

Wealth And Prosperity In Life Through Vastu Principles

The Purchase or Construction of a Property is incomplete without the mention and implementation of Vastu Shastra in it. The Positive energy in the house should be enhanced in order to have a happy and prosperous life. Vastu Shastra says that if we live in a house which has access to positive cosmic forces, it leads to an increase in wealth, well being and prosperity of its inmates.


In my years of experience, I have rectified many buildings which were initially inauspicious due to wrong Vastu but with the application of Vastu principles in them, the Vastu dosh was completely removed and the building was made absolutely Vastu-friendly. This led to the inmates leading a content, healthy and happy life. it even led to getting peace of mind, happiness and prosperity for the occupants. This is what Vastu does to a property. It makes it lucky and worth living.

The Lord of wealth id God Kuber and he need to be pleased in order to have a strong financial stability in life. However, to do so, one needs to follow the following Vastu tips for wealth and success:

  • The cupboard or safe should be located in the south or south-west for keeping cash and jewelry. The cupboard should open towards the north as this place is occupied by Lord Kuber who keeps it replenished
  • The north-east corner of the house should be kept clean and clutter-free at all times. Be sure never to construct a staircase in this portion as this would lead to great losses of wealth.
  • A leaking faucet or tap leads to drainage of finances of the house, hence any dripping faucet should be repaired at once.
  • South-east is occupied by Agnidev and hence there should not be a bedroom in this direction. A kitchen here increases wealth.
  • Bedroom should be in the south-west. The bed inside the room should never touch the walls. Also, the floor of the room should not have a slanting slope.
  • Adapting to these Vastu steps would lead to lifelong financial stability and monetary well being.

We all strive towards achieving a good lifestyle with high standards of living. High social status, huge bank balance and a luxurious life is a dream for every enthusiastic human being. All these can be achieved by keeping a positive attitude and a promising outlook towards life. Let all negative vibrations stay miles away from you and you would soon realize that everything is achievable in this so called materialistic world. All this can be done by switching to Vastu principles in one’s daily life.

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra – Its Significance And Importance Unveiled

We all fear ill health and death. It is a very common and general practice to call out to God in times of distress or when one is on his or her death bed. One such very effective and strong Hindu mantra to conquer death is the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. This mantra is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has been first referred in the Rigveda (7th mandala, hymn no 59) it is believed that whosoever chants this mantra with complete devotion and dedication can easily remove the fear of death from within them. However, there seems to be a very interesting hidden story which stands testimony to the evolution and inception of this mantra.


The story behind the Mahamrityunjaya mantra:

Once upon a time there was a sage named Mrikandu who dwelled with his wife, Marudmati. They did not have any son and hence decided to take upon deep and long penance to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva for getting blessed with a son. With great devotion, the couple underwent deep penance, as a result of which Lord Shiva got impressed with them and granted them the boon they wished for, but the blessing came backed with a condition. Lord Shiva gave them an option to choose between an intelligent and wise son with a short life span and a foolish son with a long life. Sage Mrikandu happily accepted the boon to be blessed with an intelligent son with a short life. Soon after, they had a son whom they named as Markandeya.

Slowly and steadily young Mankandeya started growing under the love and affection of his dear parents. As his sixteenth birthday was about to approach, the parents started having butterflies n their stomach. They grew sad day by day which Markandeya could sense easily. He asked his parents the reason for their remorse and sadness to which they narrated the entire story to their son and the boon granted by Lord Shiva. Markandeya was very intelligent and devotional. He began his penance in front of a Shivling, chanting along with the Mahamrityunjaya mantra. Lord Yamraj, the God of death, came to take Markandeya on his sixteenth birthday but Markandeya was totally engrossed with his penance. He wrapped himself around the Shivling, embracing it with his two arms, not willing to let go.However, Lord Yamraj was too determined to take the young boy with him. Hence, he threw the noose to catch hold of him but by mistake, it got held around the Shivling. Instantly Lord Shiva appeared and since he got extremely annoyed, he killed Yamraj on the spot. 

This incident of Lord Yamraj’s death travelled across all the three worlds. All the devtas came to Lord Shiva and on their earnest request Lord Shiva revived Yamraj but on one condition that Markandeya would now live for life long. He would remain untouched forever. Later on, as time passed, Markandeya became a great sage on whom an entire Purana has been composed by the name of Markandeya Purana. As per the Hindu scriptures, Markandeya is alive even today.

The literal meaning of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra:

We Meditate on the Three-eyed reality, Lord Shiva

Who permeates and nourishes all like a fragrance.

May we be liberated from death for the sake of immortality,

Just as the cucumber is severed from bondage to the creeper.

The chanting of the Mahamritunjaya mantra is done by sages for overcoming any heath issues that has befallen on the residents of a house.