Vastu for Office-Have Focus on Goal

Do you feel confused during the work in your office? Do you face difficulties to get focused to your work? Is this the problem with all your employees and they couldn’t help you to reach your goal?


This is a serious problem and you mustn’t take it lightly. Your success depends on your deed. And your deeds get influenced by your environment. Office is the place where you work the whole day to realize your dreams. So environment of your office must be favorable so that you could focus on your goal peacefully.

To get the environment of office favorable, rules and principles of Vastu Shastra are used. Today, I am about to give you some special tips of vaastu for office, that not only balance your mind but also shall increase your moral.

1. Consider your sitting place: First of all, talk about your sitting chair. Have you ever noticed which direction you face while working? Scriptures suggests North and East direction as the auspicious ones to start any good work. East is the direction of sunrise which is a source of positive energy.

Note: If you have a door or window right behind your chair, then it’s not good as per Vaastu. Reason- you might feel insecure and surprised while working. Means, your sitting place should be in such a way that you have a solid wall on your backside.

2. Working Table: Nowadays, people are using stylish working tables that have no regular shapes. But only and only regular shaped tables are considered auspicious for working. Square or rectangular tables are good for working purpose. Other shapes create confusion during work. Please note that ratio of length and breadth in a rectangular working table shouldn’t be more than 1:2. Don’t place holy idols of gods and goddesses on your working table.

3. Lighting: You should have adequate lighting in your office. Professionals like doctors, architects and designers can have dim light but people in trade and marketing should have bright white lighting.

4. Pictures: Picture of water cascades without mountains is prosperous when hung on north wall. Pictures of successful people like kings and business tycoons are also beneficial. Credentials and achievements should be placed on western wall.

5. Some other noticeable points: Don’t do any other activity like- eating or sleeping on your working table. While working, it is not good to while away your time by reading magazines or any other activities not related to work.

Your office should be like that, you feel ambitiousness when you look at it. You feel a passion towards your destination. And you can bring this positive change by applying these and other tips of Vaastu for office.

Vastu for Home-Create Positive Energy all Around of You

Today I would like to give you some energy related tips of vastu for home.

Friends, we can’t ignore the importance of positive energy in our life. Houses with less positive energies turned into store of negative energies. And the inmates of such houses always struggle with problems like- stress, depression, illness, financial problems etc. You see, we don’t like to stay on a place where we feel uncomfortable, where there are negative energies flowing all around.

In this context, there is a good example. You might have seen and felt the environment of hospital. On the second hand you also might have felt the environment of any temple or Church? You go to both of these places for the prevention of torture or pain. But there is a big difference in the environments of both places. You don’t like to stay in a hospital, any longer (if you’re not in this profession). On the second hand, you can spend a long time in the temple or church and that’s too with much comfort and positive feelings.

Similarly, the place where you live with your family, your home should be filled of positive energies. Some principles and rules have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra, are used during the construction of any structure, so that new house/structure could easily generate and expand positive energy. Problems like stress, illness, financial problems etc in such houses become negligible. Only pleasure, joy, happiness and prosperity are found in such houses. This is the tool which provides us a happy, playful, relaxed, and successful life.

These are some important Vastu tips that can help you to generate maximum positivity in your house-

1. Use positive sounds: Some noises irritate you, but you ignore them. Like creaking sounds of doors and windows, sounds obtained from any kind of friction etc. These sounds generate negativity in your environment. So, do the solution of such irritating sounds.Sound of Ring balls and conch are considered good. As they help in killing the negative energies.

2. No clutter: Avoid clutter in your house. In Vaastu it is called as a stuck up energy. So much clutter in a house make the inmates of that house restless. This is so bad if you are not relaxed in your own home. So avoid it. Get all the things systemized.

3. Light in each corner: If you use lightening only in those rooms which are usable in the evening time, then it’s not good. Vaastu suggests that every room and each corner should be lighted once, in the evening.  Because darkness is a symbol of negative powers. Vaastu also suggests that northeast and last corner must be kept lighted every time.

4. Avoid smells: Another form of negative energy is smell which directly affects one’s mind. One should avoid it. Use incense and oils of flowers in your house. This will help you to kill the negative energy.

5. Don’t keep dead things in your house: Dried flowers, leaves, broken pots and showcase made up of animal’s skins cause negativity. Damaged wall clock and other electronic/mechanical things should be repaired ASAP. Or you can give them away to someone who can make better use of those things. According to Vaastu such kind of dead things increases inactivity and negativity in the family members in the house.

6. Toilet and kitchen should be according to Vaastu Shastra: This tip is for those who are going to start a new construction. Remember, kitchen and toilet shouldn’t be on the source points of the subtle energies. Because Kitchen uses fire element which burns all the positive energy. Construct such sensitive parts of home, after consulting with any Vaastu expert.

Most of these tips and instructions can be followed in houses already built. As I always say, easy for all. But there are more forms of negative energy could be in a house. In fact, general people don’t even know what the reason of their continuous problems is. Click the link if you want to know more about negative energy. An experienced Vaastu consultant can identify the negativity in your house and tell you the possible remedy.

Vastu tips for kitchen- The source of basic life energy

Everyone can understand the  significance of a kitchen. After all, a house without a kitchen cannot be  considered complete. An Indian housewife spends most of her time in the kitchen  – her day starts in the kitchen and ends in the kitchen – and the entire family  gets their basic life energy from food that is prepared in the kitchen. One can even say that the kitchen is the backbone of the house.


In earlier times, the kitchen was  situated in an open space. This helped the kitchen access as much light as  possible and made it easier to dispel smoke rising from the stove. Today, most  of us have closed kitchens. Hence, it is essential to create a vastu friendly  kitchen that fulfills the requirement for a place that takes care of our  physical, emotional and biological needs.

 Vastu for kitchen- Where should be the kitchen in the house?

The kitchen should, ideally, be located between the southern and eastern  directions, i.e. in the southeast direction of the plot. Kitchens situated in  the northeastern direction may result in heavy losses for the family.  Similarly, kitchens in the southwest could give rise to clashes within the  family, whereas a kitchen in the northwest may result in an increase in  expenditure.

What lighting should be used?

Good lighting is an essential prerequisite for a kitchen. To ensure  proper ventilation and a positive vaastu environment, the kitchen’s windows  should be positioned in the eastern direction. Artificial lighting should also  be sufficient.

 Kitchen door-

The best place for the kitchen door is in the north. Take care that  while preparing food, the cook does not have his or her back towards a door.

The best place for the kitchen door is in the north. Take care that  while preparing food, the cook does not have his or her back towards a door.

 Colors in Kitchen-

Kitchens should be decorated in warm colours such as oranges, browns and  yellows. Avoid using blue as it is identified with water. Shades of green can  be used as a remedy for improving the vastu of wrongly placed kitchens.

Gas Stove Placement-

The gas stove should be in southeast corner of the kitchen area. This  direction is called Agneya Disha, named after Agni, the Hindu god of fire who  resides here. This disha (direction)  has a natural source of fire as solar heat is at its maximum when the sun is in  the southern direction. When the sun reaches the southeast, it releases  vitamins D and F in the atmosphere. The value of these vitamins in the kitchen  is immeasurable.

While preparing the food, the cook should face the east or the south.  Facing the north or the west while cooking is not favorable.

Water Source-

Since the element of water is the opposite of fire, great care should be  taken about it’s positioning. All the water arrangements should be placed in  the north or the northeast, as this is considered very auspicious. Also ensure  that all water elements are situated to the left of the gas stove. The  placement should be such that when you use the gas stove for cooking, water  utilities such as washbasins, sinks, and drinking water are on your left.

Avoid placing a refrigerator in the kitchen, as the elements of water  and fire clash with each other.

Grains and Raw foods-

Store all heavy grains and raw foods in the south and west directions of  the kitchen. Hence, all kitchen cupboards should be built and placed near walls  in the southwest direction. The grains are very heavy  and the north and east directions does not allow the weight on them. The other  logic is keeping the things in south and western directions make them heavy and  in turn it is good if southwestern wall are heavy. Keeping the goods in  southwestern walls make the eatables a good milage to consume.


All heat-generating kitchen equipment, such as microwaves, hot cases,  hotplates, geysers, mixer grinders etc. should be placed in the southeast  direction of the kitchen. All these appliances are  electrical energy which is fire. These appliances release heat energies which  are only to be release in the southeast direction, since it is a fire element  direction. This direction is owned by the lord Agnidev.

The kitchen’s northern and eastern corners should be kept free of  clutter and not blocked with heavy materials or equipment.

Try not to keep pictures of gods and goddesses in the kitchen.